In recognition of the increasingly difficult global economic climate in which SMEs are severely constrained in terms of both availability of working capital and human resources, the INNOWATER project sought to assist innovators through the development of appropriate business models that incorporate internationalisation activities. Public sector support is commonly provided by national and regional export agencies across Europe. However, by their nature, the support services offered tend to be relatively broad and are not always aligned with the strategic priorities of SMEs, and as a result, the level of uptake by SMEs tends to be low.

INNOWATER therefore sought to design, develop and pilot a new approach that was more tailored to specific audiences of SMEs, more accessible than current support, more cost effective and would result in higher impact for the delivery agencies. The INNOWATER paper ‘Internationalisation in the Water Sector: Improving Accessibility for SMEs’ explains the INNOWATER approach to support European SMEs in their internationalisation process. The paper can be downloaded here.

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