The overall objective of INNOWATER was to establish and implement a water innovation partnership that develops and tests new and better innovation support tools and delivery mechanisms for innovative SMEs and first-user industries in order to:

- Bridge the gap between research, innovators in the (international) market and the potential users of innovative technologies

- Address the mismatch between the development of technologies and the demands of the water-using industry; many technologies are being developed from a technology push perspective instead of meeting the existing demands of their markets

More specific, the objectives of INNOWATER were:

  • To identify key institutions and support programmes for water technology, service and knowledge transfer in the target countries;
  • To identify, review, develop and test the most promising methods and tools to facilitate technology and knowledge transfer;
  • To identify, review, develop and test the most promising practical business support tools for innovative water-related SMEs;
  • To identify, review, develop and test the most promising internationalisation tools for SMEs in order to facilitate international (EU and non-EU) market penetration;
  • To develop and test first-user tools that create awareness about water use, pollution patterns, efficiency potentials and new technologies among industrial SMEs;
  • To promote innovative water technologies with first-user SMEs;
  • To identify, inform and participate in key clusters and sectors in the industrial water sector; and
  • To design develop and test user-friendly innovation support delivery schemes in form of vouchers and business support programmes to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer.