In the beginning of the INNOWATER project, challenges for the water-using industry in Spain were identified to be more on the technological level, and less on the management level. Therefore, alongside the EWS, which focuses more on the management of water, the INNOWATER Water Audit was developed. This audit has a strong technology focus and has been used in Navarra, Spain. In the movie below, the IWA is explained in 1:42:

The IWA is a new tool which will provide users with information about water usage, pollution patterns, efficiency potentials and the possibility for a better performance thanks to innovative technology and service solutions. The audits allows water using companies to assess the current situation of water management in the company and to define realistic opportunities for improvement to increase the sustainability of the systems and production processes.

The INNOWATER water audit consists of two phases. First, a detailed evaluation of the company takes place. Building on the gathered data, an improvement plan is being developed.

IWA picture

Benefits of the IWA for the companies and reasons to participate have been identified so far are:

-       Specific measures of flows in different processes of the company (detailed reporting).

-       Available external consultancy with plenty dedication for the evaluation of the actual situation of the company and proposition of new feasible alternatives.

-       External support in the indoors management of water in the company, before the INNOWATER water audit the management evaluation has always been an internal issue under a limited point of view.

-       Performance of a realistic balance of water consumption per production phase.

-       Complete analysis of the water cycle in the company, with an overall assessment of the different options for improving water use.

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