Internationalisation Support

The potential of the development of new technological solutions and the opportunities for SME’s to internationalise are huge. INNOWATER therefore developed specific activities to support the internationalisation of eco-innovative SMEs in the water sector in Europe.

INNOWATER visited three promisins non-European markets. A small group of experts traveled to three promising countries and identify the current market opportunities for innovative SMEs:

Mining industry in South Africa (March 2013)
Agri-/Horticulture in Mexico (April 2013)
Food Industry in China (
May 2013)

For each trip, a summary of the findings is available here. On request, full reports of the business trips are  available. Additional to the reports, companies have the opportunity to be coached on doing business abroad. Do you want to do business outside of the markets visited by INNOWATER? That is also possible. Contact for more information and the opportunities of your company!

Short movies providing more insight in the business trips that were given at the Water International Information Day are presented below:

Acid Mine Drainage in South Africa:

Water for Horticulture in Mexico

Water Efficiency and Water Water Treatment in China