Innovation Support for SMEs

The potential of the development of new technological solutions and the opportunities for SME’s to grow are enormous. These innovations could support water-consuming industries to drastically reduce both their costs of water as well as their operational risks. However, currently the effective large scale adaptation of these innovative technologies is still lacking. Innovative water companies, especially start-ups, face a lot of difficulties in reaching the market such as regulation, lack of resources and restricted of access to first users. Innovation support for the water sector to overcome these barriers is relatively underdeveloped in most countries in Europe.

In concrete terms INNOWATER facilitates SMEs with innovative water technologies to reach the market by offering:

The INNOWATER Snapshot

This questionnaire challenges you to take a look at your company with a wide lens. Take a step back and spend 5 minutes to consider if you have made a solid plan for where you are going, and how you are going to make your business or innovation a success.

The Business Support Toolkit (BPT)

The Busines Proposition Toolkit (BPT) is an expert-led process that supports SMEs that are in the early stages of commercializing a new product or service in articulating a robust Value Proposition and an appropriate Business Model.

Internationalisation Support

INNOWATER organised three Business Scouting Trips to promising non-European markets, identifying current market opportunities for SMEs in Europe. The findings of these trips are summarised in executive summaries of the trips and YouTube video’s. Additional to this information, international coaching is provided by INNOWATER experts.