Supporting European Water Innovators

INNOWATER: Solving Global Water Issues


The global water crisis is one of the most fundamental challenges the world will face in the 21st Century. Sustainable water management will become the highest policy- and business priority in large parts of Europe in the coming years. Whilst parts of Europe still have an abundant water supply throughout most of the year, concerns about the availability of long-term renewable water resources are growing. For good reasons; the industrial use of water increases with industries water costs is reaching up to 25% of the total production cost. Only 50% of the wastewater in Europe is currently treated.

As a result, companies will face ever larger water-challenges and more stringent policy requirements in the near future. The need for innovations that provide answers to the key challenges facing the world today will increase significantly. The INNOWATER partnership addresses these challenges. INNOWATER provides active support to innovators to get their technology to the market and helps water-users to identify and address their water challenges.